Message to Youtubers

You're welcome to create Let's Play-style videos of our games and monetize them if you want.

Cracked Heads permits you to create free or ad-supported videos (including Let's Plays, speed runs, reviews, commentary, and so on) using captured or streamed video from Cracked Head's video games. You do not need request written permission permission to create such content.

Additional written permission from Cracked Heads is required for any use of Cracked Head's art, music and audio content outside of captured in-game footage (please e-mail with any such requests).

Should you decide to post videos containing Cracked Heads content, we request that you provide a functional link to our site: WWW.CRACKEDHEADSGAMES.COM

Please note we reserve the right to update this policy without notice or liability. If you have further questions about this policy, please contact

Thanks to all you video content creators out there for thinking of us.