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Try not to let fear take hold of your mind, because only a clear mind and instincts will give you a chance to survive and get out of the maze of the past.

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Cracked Heads


It is a psychological horror game from the first person perspective. The game revolves around a gloomy forsaken mansion, inhabited by ghosts and demons, trapped in the house by an ancient curse.The gameplay is focused on exploration, quick-time events and discovering clues.

The player takes control of a boy of 17, who finds himself lying in front of the door of an old mansion. His initial goal is to find way out of this house. The player’s role is to figure out how this task should be accomplished. He notices a bloody sack, carbide lamp, diary sheet and a broken mirror. The game is heavily dimmed. Only a carbide lamp illuminates the player’s way.

The player begins to explore the house. In the course of a game the player several time encounters Mother, a principal monster of the house. She appears in the most unexpected places, keeping the player in awareness all the time.